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Production log

Cuthbert Mayne presents


Starring Jonathan Witchell

This is a production log of my film opening. This is the first shot of my opening where, it scrolls down a comic book giving a glimpse of the story line and title. This is using the ken burns effect on I movie. I used this as it creates mystery and is similar to other superhero films such as spiderman. I also used a title on here, ‘A superhero production’ I used this title to imply to the audience that is a superhero film so they know. I then added Another title I added was Cuthbert Mayne presents, i did this on a black back ground with the fade in and out transition.

It then faded out to this picture of the church, it gives you a glimpse of where the hero is, this creates enigma. It in a comic book styled cartoon as well to emphasise this effect.

It fades back in to another title. This is the title which mentions the main actor. ‘Jonathan Witchell’

It then again fades out to another cartoon which I created by doing a screen shot of this image and placing it in photo shop. I then applied cut out and poster edges to get this effect.

Then with the cross dissolve transition it went to a shot of present day. This is of my hero watching,it is a long shot and he has his back facing towards the camera with a hat on covering his face to suggest the verisimilitude. He has dark clothing to show the mysterious aspect of this.

It then again fades into the title, where it mentions another actor who participated in the film as a villain. ‘Mark Witchell’ It fades out again.

Another  shot i have used of my character is a medium shot where he is placed evenly in the middle of the composition of the camera. I have also done it in black and white to show enigma again. He is still watching.

A cross dissolve transition to another part of the comic strip occurs, you can see that it is giving away part of the story line that we have seen. This is a comic which I made on comic life this included speech bubbles and caption boxes. However I made the pictures on Photoshop and placed them into comic life.

This is the last title of the film opening which says my name for making the film. It also fades in and out using the transition on I movie.

Another comic book styled picture which I made on Photoshop has been placed into I movie. It is the first close up shot which is a low angle shot to connote his authority and being superior.

The cross dissolve transition has been used again to merge these pictures together.

This is the last shot of him looking over the ‘city’. You still cannot see his face.

It then flashes back, to do this I used the wash out transition. This was bright and implied a flash back, it then went to a shot of him running. This is in colour which indicates a change of time as the other scene was in black and white.

He is running from a thief. I got many long shots of this. These shots were very fast cuts to emphasise the action taking place.

Here is another shot of him behind running

Here is where I got a match on action shot of him from behind running to jump of a wall.

I then cut the shot just before he jumped of and got a low angle shot of him jumping of. I slowed this shot down to imply the action shot which is taking place

They both carry of running, I carried on increasing the types of shots, tis ranged from long shots to close-ups.

They then run through a gate where another match on action shot takes place. As they are running through it cuts on the shot.

It then cuts to this comic book to give you a small glimpse and preview of what happens next.

I long two shot of both of them occurs as you can now see that the thief has pinned the victim up against the wall.

This shot is of the thief saying something, he is supposed to look angry and aggressive.

It cuts to the other side where you see the victims expression of fear. This follows the 180% rule and shot reverse shot to keep the continuity of the film.

Here is a close up of the victims face to show his head turning to look at something.

You now see with this extreme close up that he is picking up a stone from the side. This implies he is going to hit the thief round the head.

A shot of the thief lifting his fist to punch happens. It is a fast shot.

This ‘pow’ I made on Photoshop and then placed it into I movie, by doing this after the punch it suggests that he is being punched although the actual action did not take place.

The next shot is of him on the floor, this again is a comic picture of him. This was also done on Photoshop with cut out and the poster edge application. There is also a caption box in the corner which says ‘some time later’ This indicates the thief has gone and he has been passed out on the floor for some time.

A cross dissolve transition does the change from cartoon to real life, it shows him awaking. He also then picks up the stone.

A close up of this stone implies that it is special.

You then see him put it in his pocket.

With this comic strip it scrolls down to the bottom of the comic using the ken burns effect on I movie. You then see that it says flashing back to present day.

It cuts to this shot of him back in present day. this is the first time you can see his face, he is walking forward with his head done. He looks powerful and is taking up most of the composition. The camera is slightly tilted up at a low angle suggesting his authority. The color has also changed back to black and white increasing the mystery and crime aspect of the story line. It then finishes with the title that comes up saying invincible. This was made on comic life and photo shop. I made it bright and bold to stand out. I got this idea from other comic book styles, it helped influence me to make mine this way.

Production of music

I used garage band to create my music. I wanted to make the music for my film very dramatic, superior and heroric. I found what superhero music was like my listening to superman, spiderman or kickass.

The score begins with a orchestral drum kit. This was with the stormy C, they sounded like marching drums and they are most commonly used when watching an authrity fugure for instance within the army. I then began to add music on  top. I used a violin score which was fast and powerful. Many superhero themed films use stringed instruments such as spiderman to give a heroic theme. This was desire A stringed instrument.

There is a sting as the title begins to appear this is with the desire F drum kit, it is sharp and loud to imply an importance.

The score then quietens and only the orcheastral kit plays whilst the voice over begins. This is so you can focus on what he is saying. This is non diagetic and gives the impression that it is the man standind their who is talking.

As it changes from present to past with a flash back, their is a sound bridge this is with the triangle. It implys their is a change. The score them changes alot as they are chasing each other. I added ambient sounds of traffic and footsteps to help create the engima.

I used the upbeat funk drums, this was much faster to connote the action taking place. There is a edgy rock base guitar also. This score sounds exciting and emphasises on the action taking place.

As this person jumps of the wall the score stops, it is to imply what is going on around him and foucus all the viewers attention on his. As he begins running the guitar starts also and then eventually the drums, it builds up again until it has the original score from when they started running.

As they run through the gates the score changes once again and changes to a much tenser and serious score. There is capital A violins being used, with a slow drum beat. As the ‘Pow’ happens their it uses a sting of symbols being used. There is another ambient sound effect of a police car passing. This suggests their is crime in the area.

As he is lying on the floor the violins begin again, it implys he is hurt and connotes that the audience should feel sympathetic for this victim.

The drums slowly begin again and the voice over.  It cuts back to present day and the drums are playing, the desire E violins score happens again as he is walking towards the camera, it indicates that this is the heros sound motif as it happens at the beggining and the end.

A sting happens right at the end as it cuts to the end title. The voice overs voice also changes to make it sound more heroic. This sound effect was done with the vocal reflection.


Different shots

At this point, the victim is running from the villain/ thief, he has to jump of a wall, to emphasize the action, I did a match on action shot. At this point he is running towards the wall.

It then cuts to this shot where he is jumping of the wall, this has cut the action, to make it seem more dramatic with shorter cuts.

I have also used over the shoulder shots my initiating the 180% rule. This is when the thief is pinning up the victim. The thief is on the right hand side.

When the shot changes to the vicitms angle of perspective, the thief is still on the right hand side with the victim on the left.

This helps with continuity issues to make the story seem more realistic.


For my title sequence I tried to imply the intensity and increase the drmatic effect. I did this by showing a clip/ or picture of the film I have made and then putting a title inbeetween this. The title is over a black background. This will create enigma and want the viewer to watch on. There will also be a score over this to suggest the importance of this. It will be a heroic theme tune to imply this.

The speed I used for each title was 1. second 18. The font i used was bank gothic and I used a wipe transition for when the word comes in. I kept it all the same so it looked simple but effective.

These were all transitions on I movie, however I attempted a couple of titles on photoshop but the mpost effective and simple were on I movie.

I researched film openings to see what titles they had. Including sin city, city of God, spiderman, and kickass. By researcing these I had an understanding of what titles I needed to use. The titles I used were

Cuthbert Mayne presents. This is the school

Staring Jonathan Witchell- Main actor

and Mark Witchell- Second actor.


 To get my editing technique correct I have used a variety of things to make it look comicbook styled.

I have firstly used a cutout, and adjusted it. I then used poster edges to increase the effect. I will use this piece of editing on each picture I use for my comic. I will make the comic and place these pictures into my film opening at a relevant place to.


As my film opening is based around comic books and superheros, there will be action involved. Alot of comic books use onomatopear to represent an action being used. For instance, boom, crash or pow! In my opening I will use these to represent the comicbook based style. I will use a pow! when my villan is just about to punch the victim. They are clever in prosuming that the action which is being stated in the box is occuring then and there. Within my filiming although I did not film an acutal punch the Pow implies that this has happend.

I attempted to make the correct action bubble for my opening. The first one I used on comic life ,by selecting the bubble,then writting bang in the box. However because it did not stand out. I began looking at other comicbook styles for this technique and other sources such as google. With this I took the lettering although edited the colour and shape on photoshop which was required for my opening.

Different effects

This is a transformed photo from my original camera shoots. This is him looking over the city to look dark and mysterious it emphasises on the film noir aspect as it indicates enigma . This is from the clothing used such as the hat covering his eyes. The camera angle in this shot is looking up at him showing how superior he is and his authority. The affects I used on this picture were in photoshop, i firstly used the poster edge effect, then going on to the cut out. This is what made it have a cartoon effect. I also tried many other effects such as different paint effects however cut out and poster edge were the  most effective.

This is a real shot of the film. However it has been transformed into black and white to improve and promote the authenticity of the setting and film. It is supposed to look mysterious and creepy. I have changed all my shots of him on the rooftop to black and white. I did this on I movie with the video fx effect.

Here is another shot of him on the rooftop. As you can see it is a shot of him from behind to imply he is a mysterious person just watching. At this point you do not know if he is the villan or the hero. This is an aspect of film noir. It has a superhero theme as he is high up, you can see he is a superhero.                                                                                

This is the same shot as above, although it is transformed. This is also with the poster edge and cut out effect on photoshop. It has the comicbook effect. With these photos they are going to be pasted into my I movie film and then play from the picture. This indicated that they are coming from a comic. I film which does this is Kickass.

Comic book

These are my initial comic book transformations for what the story line and  comic book for my film opening will look like.

The first page of the comic is the front cover, this includes the title which I made. This is ‘Invicible’  To get the title for this I used comic life to get the title style and bubble behing the writting, I then changed the colours on photoshop.

To get the cartoon pictures in the boxes, i used many transformations to get the comic book affect. This is from photoshop, firstly i used the poster edge  affect, I adjusted it to make it stand out. I then used the cutout affect which helped make the colour look smoother than usual. I used this on all the photos. This is because I wanted to make it look realistic however also like a comic book style.

I then pasted the pictures into comic like and I also added another effect on top of the pictures, this included arcilic comic effect. This helped emphasise the comic book theme to promote the superhero effect.

I used speech bubbles as this is what they use in comic books.  I wrote what they would say, I kept this very short and brief. I also used caption boxes. This is to imply the compresion of time of something which is happening which you canno’t see from the picture.

The purpose of doing this comic book style is so i can drop it into I movie to show the effctivness of a superhero story line. For instance as i previously looked at spiderman at the beggining it scrolls accross the story and the spiderman comic. This is what I would like to achieve in my film opening.

I will also drop these photos in before a specific moment in the opening to indicate a relevant caption box or moment. For example in my opening once this thief has punched my character he knocks him out. There is a black out, the next thing you see is him on the floor. To show he is awakening from being knocked out for about 10 minutes there will be a caption box in the corner stating , ‘sometime later’.

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