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For my title sequence I tried to imply the intensity and increase the drmatic effect. I did this by showing a clip/ or picture of the film I have made and then putting a title inbeetween this. The title is over a black background. This will create enigma and want the viewer to watch on. There will also be a score over this to suggest the importance of this. It will be a heroic theme tune to imply this.

The speed I used for each title was 1. second 18. The font i used was bank gothic and I used a wipe transition for when the word comes in. I kept it all the same so it looked simple but effective.

These were all transitions on I movie, however I attempted a couple of titles on photoshop but the mpost effective and simple were on I movie.

I researched film openings to see what titles they had. Including sin city, city of God, spiderman, and kickass. By researcing these I had an understanding of what titles I needed to use. The titles I used were

Cuthbert Mayne presents. This is the school

Staring Jonathan Witchell- Main actor

and Mark Witchell- Second actor.


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